Register For Fall Classes Early at One of Tyler’s Great Private Schools

by admin on April 30, 2011

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Another school year is wrapping up and on most of our minds is the hoopla surrounding graduation, summer vacation, higher electric bills due to cooling costs, etc. etc. But for most area students, the fall semester is just around the corner. I realize that for some, its sacrilege to bring that up now, but it will be here before we know it. For those of us who teach, the cycles of the school year are the unending patterns that govern our lives… but I digress. At least in private schools, every fall there’s a mad rush to recruit as many new students at the last minute as possible. This is especially true for jr. high and high schoolers, who are notorious for waiting to the last, minute to register. Elementary parents are typically far more conscientious about early registration. I can assure the reader, that your children’s school appreciates the fore thought.

Another great concern for area private educators is the tendency many families have to save money in tough financial times, by pulling their students out of private education and enrolling them in public schools. While I certainly understand the need to pare back on monthly expenses, as a parent there is very little I wouldn’t sacrifice to keep my son in a solid academic environment and out of the government schools! A solid education (particularly a religious one) is an investment in a child’s future, which will pay dividends in an ever- changing world. For families who find themselves in a tough financial bind, but who are committed to their children’s private academic excellence, I recommend looking at other (hopefully more inexpensive) options in our area this summer, before placing their students in public schools.

Tyler is blessed with just about every conceivable kind of private school, from pre-K to twelfth grade. In fact I can think of a couple small start-up schools that opened last semester and another is preparing to open in the fall! Schools are becoming more and more like churches in our town (not surprising I guess since many are actually housed in and operated by local congregations). In actuality, we don’t need any more of either here. We have some tremendous, churches and some great schools, Rather than opening new ones we need to participate in and support those we already have. Certainly we can all find a place with an approach and a philosophy with whom we can at least mostly agree!

We here at Tyler Directory have written about nearly all the private schools and educational models available in our area. To read about specific schools and or, their philosophies of education, look to the bottom right of this page, and click the education tab for a list of articles.

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