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by admin on December 26, 2009

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In Tyler it seems that Banks are booming. I keep seeing banks pop up again and again all over the city. Southside bank seems to be the most prolific bank in town as I see this bank in every grocery store, all around Tyler TX and in Lindale. Bank of Tyler

Bank of America is located in Tyler and has the convenience of being located all over the USA. I took a trip to New York city from Tyler Texas once and had no problem finding many Bank of America’s. BOA is one of these government bailout banks which really gets to me and is one reason I try to use local Tyler banks like Southside Bank and Citizens National Bank.

One of my main concerns when going with a new bank is if they will have a good online banking system and if they have auto bill pay. BOA has all of these bells and whistles but surprisingly Southside Bank and Citizen’s Bank do too.

I prefer using the online banking system that Citizens National Bank has on their website. Southside’s online banking is ok but nothing like BOA’s system or Citizen’s National Bank. That is saying a lot too as I have been using Southside’s online banking since I can ever remember it being in existence.

I recommend going to a few banks in Tyler TX and deposit money with each. Try out their customer service, talk to their bank managers, and use their online banking. I think you will find like I did that Citizen’s National Bank is the best. I have had a much better customer service experience at Citizen’s and always received detailed instructions and assistance with loans, online bill pay, and easy access to my loan officer.

Tyler TX Austin Bank

Austin Bank

The most notable difference between the banks in Tyler Texas that I have mentioned is customer service. Citizen’s National Bank easily wins on this front. BOA in Tyler Texas will always have the best online banking website because they have access to our tax dollars as a part of their bailout by the government. Southside Bank has a lot of locations but I have a hard time getting the type of attention and help I need from them in comparison to Citizen’s National Bank in Tyler.

In February 2010 a Forrester consumer report was published that provided some statistics on what top banks are some of the most untrusted banks in America. Forrester’s annual Customer Advocacy rankings report, ranks nearly 50 financial services firms in the United States by the percentage of each firm’s customers who agree with the statement: “My financial provider does what’s best for me, not just its own bottom line.” The results are based on a survey of about 4,500 consumers.

The bottom seven of this year’s rankings, first to last, are Bank of America, Chase, Capital One, TD/Commerce, Fifth Third, Citibank, and in last place, HSBC. Americans do not trust these large banks anymore which may have something to do with so many local Tyler Texas banks popping up throughout the city of Tyler.

If you have a Tyler Texas bank that you prefer or like one of the banks I have mentioned please let us know. You can leave a comment about your preferred Tyler bank below.

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