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by admin on June 3, 2011

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Tony Cruz XTC Fitness

Choosing an option to lose weight has never been something that I worried too much about. I know for many people it’s a huge deal and from time to time it is an issue that everyone spends a significant amount of time thinking about.

Kickboxing class in Tyler TX has always been an option but some places do a better job with it. What you get with XTC Fitness are real true fighters training you, encouraging, and tweaking your exercise routine as you complete their 45 minute to 1 hour fitness class.

I am experiencing some really awesome benefits from this fitness class even though I have only been doing it a few days so far during my lunch hour.

Weight is decreasing even though I haven’t changed my diet significantly. I feel stronger and my breathing isn’t as tiresome during workouts.

XTC Fitness offers the benefit and value of free personal training when going through the class. I knock the class out during my lunch break and quickly get on with my day.

Having a friendship with your personal kickboxing trainer encouraging you to come in everyday is better motivation than almost anything you could do on your own.

As a guy I see multiple women in the class out pacing me in almost every area. What this does to me is call back to that little boy inside that wants to atleast do better than the girls.

I find myself getting motivation from the women in the class as they do 25 man push-ups back to back and I can’t get to 5. It tells me something and that is that I might actually lose against some of these women fitness students in an MMA match up against them.

But really folks, this class is awesome for someone just starting out on correcting their weight and fitness problems. The XTC Fitness guys will have you in shape in no time. I will report back soon with some of my very own weight loss numbers.

XTC Fitness is on Broadway right by The Diner. Go by now and check them out and their gigantic fitness facility currently being built.

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