Buffalo Wild Wings

by admin on December 30, 2009

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Buffalo Wild Wings in Tyler TX

When it comes to sports bars in the tyler area, my list starts and ends with Buffalo Wild Wings. In a dry county it is becoming increasingly harder to watch a ball game drinking a beer on my couch in my home. Beer runs on a sunday often have me coming in after the first half is already over. So I’ve adopted a new tradition of enjoying football games in the comfort of my local buffalo wild wings.

There is a variety of sauces that make a simple selection of a plate of wings an exciting new choice every trip I make, so I’ve come to enjoy the taste of their reasonably priced wings and throwing back a couple of drinks to the sound of cheers and taunts as everyone watches the cowboys game. Although there will be other games and sports showing on seperate tvs, be prepared for the Cowboys game to take precidence over say the Detroit Lions.

Do not expect to go to Buffalo Wild Wings dressed as your favorite figure skater expecting to watch the figure skating championship I’ve found that not to be a good idea. This is after all a man’s sports club. For those too cheap to pay for cable and wish to still see their favorite game this is the perfect place for it. Buffalo Wild Wings will often charge cover charges for pay per view fights and other events hosted. The food quality is good and I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with the service, the true problem comes in the fact that it is treated like a restaurant by the employees, so delaying a 45 minute meal into two and a half hours to watch the whole game, becomes a bit of a hassle.

With the amount of beer guzzling that is often associated with football, Buffalo Wild Wings has surprisingly few drunks. If you are just in the mood for wings swing by, you may be charged just to get a table, so take caution to only go when you are certain there’s not a big fight or a bowl game going on. The quality of the wings rival that of their competitors Wing Stop and prices are even as well. Since the prices are low making the transition from your monotaneous life to a crowd that makes you feel like you are at the game can easily become a tradition. So the next time you are in the mood for a plate full of juicy wings and want to take in a relaxing boxing match or ball game, stop by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Tyler Texas

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