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by admin on December 30, 2009

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The UT Health Center is a great place to go for health check ups. Not only is the quality care top notch and the staff very friendly but it is also very affordable. If you have struggled with paying your doctor/medical bills I would suggest going there. A doctor visit is only $65. They may charge extra if you need special treatment or extensive lab work. The pediatricians are very friendly. I saw one pediatrician and child talking and the child acted like he was his best friend. I thought most kids don’t like to see their doctor, not at the UT Health Center.

Some general doctors there are young, which probably means they are not as experienced as the older ones but may have been more educated in modern medicine. At the Ritter Center they can see a patient of any age. If you need to se an OB/GYN, a Pediatrician, or general doctor I would recommend UT Health Center. If they can not treat you, they will send you to a specialist that can. I feel like I’m in good hands when I see my doctor at the UT Health Center.

The UT Health Center is located on US Highway 271. If you are coming from Loop 323 in Tyler it will be on your left before you reach interstate 20. If you live near the UT Health Center then why drive all the way into the middle of Tyler to see a doctor when there are great doctors to see at the UT Health Center?

The UT Health Center has quality care and is very affordable. I am continuing to go there and will definitely recommend it to friends and family.

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