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by admin on June 7, 2011

in Weight Loss

moving water excerciseThere is a story of a man in Texas who approached some fitness instructors about his over weight dilemma. This guy had been on bed rest for several years because of an infection he had. He was over his original health issue but he was now in a spot where he felt unable to regain his health.

When looking at this man the fitness coaches could tell he had entered a place known as lymphatic stasis or simply complacency and stagnation. His condition was so bad that his legs had inflated to huge Pillsbury dough boy bulges. You see his condition was so bad that his body was full of toxic things and his body could not rid them.

In this condition it becomes very hard to regain health and start losing weight. The feeling of unhealthiness was the result of not “moving the waters” with good solid exercise.

The water analogy makes a lot of sense as our bodies make up is about 2/3rds water. Just as water left in pool without circulating pumps and cleaning mechanisms will turn to a slimy gunky mess full of worms and disease your body experiences similar toxic qualities when left to stagnate without exercise.

Now look at a pool of water that is moving, active, and alive rather than just sitting there. You will see fish, and life in that water that is inviting and beautiful. This is the picture of exercise and what it does to a body. Exercise stirs the waters in your body, releases toxins, cellular trash, increases brain response, and strengthens your body and offering you the good natural kind of energy.

Tony Cruz xtc fitnessRemember our bodies are full of water which is often associated with healing, and in most societies the act of moving water is the response of life. A moving stream of water, a bubbling pool, a swirling ripple in a stream offer oxygen, life, and activity and is what stirs up a healthy body of water. A stagnant pool only contains dead things and parasites like leeches and other nasty things. Now is the time to take responsibility for your lack of life giving exercise, change your environment to effect change and get involved in a kickboxing or Yoga class at Tony Cruz XTC Fitness in Tyler Texas.

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