Bodies Allegedly Found in Texas Prove to Be a Hoax… or Something

by admin on June 8, 2011

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Alright, this has to be the weirdest story of the last few days. It made national news yesterday that a mass grave containing thirty dismembered corpses (including children), had been found in Hardin, Texas. Turns out, the story wasn’t even remotely true. Police investigators were in fact acting on a “tip” from a psychic who claimed there was a mass grave on the property under investigation. Uh… there wasn’t. Authorities stated that the not so clairvoyant, had accurately described the home (inside and out), and the property, but there were no bodies to be found anywhere. The little evidence of foul play on the premises turned out to have a more mundane explanation.

From what I’ve read, the property owners are truck drivers and were out of town at the time of the investigation. They were understandably rattled by the events. The big question for me is; how is it that a suggestion from psychic can bring down such an overreaction by state officials? Seriously?! Are we really putting this much stock in the visions of a local seer? I guess police are now trying to determine whether the tip was actually a hoax or simply a false alarm. Given the reliability of the source, it makes very little difference in my opinion. I would remind any would- be psychics out there, that the ancient biblical punishment for false prophets was stoning. “But we don’t live in biblical times you religious nutcase!” Yeah, I know it was just a joke, not unlike taking tips from spiritualists.

Admittedly I’m being trite. Hopefully (or maybe not given the nature of the story, I’m not sure), there’s more going on in the background than what we’re seeing on the surface. If not, I’ve got to say, I don’t have much confidence when an overactive imagination can cause so much turmoil.

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