No Matter How Well Tuned You Think You Are You Still Need to Workout

by admin on June 9, 2011

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Tyler TX GymI used to have a BMW M5 that I only drove every once in awhile. I noticed if I let the car sit too long things simply didn’t work as well and occasionally I even had to take it in to a mechanic.

When I took the car in one day to Mike Pile BMW the mechanic said, “You haven’t been driving this car lately, have you?” He explained to me that this car was built to be on the road and shouldn’t be garaged for too long.

I was actually hurting the car and its performance by keeping it in the garage and only driving it on special occasions.

Just like that M5 I used to have, your body was designed to exercise and move on a daily basis. When on multiple days you park your body in a Lazy Boy recliner and do not move eventually you will destroy your engine.

Most of us are sick and not feeling in tip top shape because we are like robots doing the same thing each day with no real change refusing to stir the water in our body with exercise and action.

Your body over time becomes a stagnant pool of disease and unhealthy garbage heaps of chemicals and bad choices.

Eventually your body will not have the ability to exercise at a local Tyler TX gym because of heart disease, arthritis, and other disabling worsening diseases.

By getting the water moving in your body and beginning to exercise at a local Tyler TX gym you will see many powerful effects on your health.

By understanding that people are basically robots and simply do the same typical things each day you can understand that unless a drastic change is made in your environment you will likely keep doing the same things.

Most of us are simply laying down sheets and sheets of the same road on top of each other as we do and make the same habitual mistakes over and over again.

Your rational mind likely knows what to do but your emotional side simply cannot get yourself out of the habits you do almost everyday that keep you from moving your body.

A little trick and cheat to getting your emotional brain to do what your rational mind has been telling you is to change your environment.

By getting involved in a fitness program at a local Tyler TX gym you are changing your environment. You are surrounded by people who all have the goal of moving their bodies and exercising their way to a healthy lifestyle.

The fitness instructor is your personal trainer as well as everyone’s in that class. You get the guidance and moral support of your peers and an expert in the field of physical fitness that all works as an amazing trick to subtly trick your emotional mind into doing what you your rational self had known for years.

So take action and change you environment, as this is a direct shortcut to reprogramming that robot in everybody that is doing the wrong thing day after day.

XTC Fitness is one of many Tyler Texas gyms but offers more options and a flexible schedule when choosing a suitable fitness class. Tony Cruz XTC Fitness gym offers Kickboxing classes, Yoga classes, Zumba Classes, and more throughout the day.

I personally go to the fitness class this Tyler TX gym offers during my work lunch hour each day.

XTC Fitness is located on Broadway in Tyler right next to The Diner. Go by and check them out or visit their website here: XTC Fitness

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