Benefits of a Tyler TX Gym Workout

by admin on June 14, 2011

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Tony Cruz CTC FitnessStudies have shown that about 1/3rd of cancer related deaths occurred because of a bad diet and a Homer Simpson type of sit on the coach watch TV lifestyle. By simply moving your body with some basic although brisk exercise you decrease your chances of getting:

Certain cancers:

  • breast
  • colon
  • endometrial
  • prostate

The short jog, cardio routine, or local Tyler Texas gym workout during your work lunch break is linked to a 50 percent lower risk of being told one day you have colon cancer.  The Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer can be reduced by 18% simply by getting in 1 – 2 hours of a brisk walk in each week as compared next to women with sedentary lifestyles.

Another benefit of a workout routine like what is offered in the kickboxing classes at XTC Fitness and Sports is a dramatic reduction in cardiovascular disease chances. Cardio disease is the most common cause of dieing in the United States right now. Exercise almost guarantees you will not die of overweight cardio related issues because of never getting into a routine of daily movement.

Everyone dies eventually but heart attacks can take 30 – 40 years off your life if you are obese.

At this point your rational mind is likely convinced of some of the benefits of working out but your emotional side might still be thinking of how that ice-cream or Oreo will feel going in your mouth.

What you need is a trick to change up things just enough to cause your emotional brain to get on board with your rational mind.

None of us likes to think we need  other people and programs to get us doing something but in reality we are like robots and we easily find ourselves in bad habits causing us to do the exact same things day after day.

You can quickly trick your body into doing some good by using one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal, your will power.

Our will power is often squandered and put aside as we allow the path of least resistance to often times make our decision up for us.

By changing your environment and getting into a gym setting with class mates who have the same goals as you do you assist in getting your emotional side on board with your rational mind.

Having the encouragement of class mates and a kickboxing instructor with you for the entire workout routine helps you do what your emotions don’t want to do.

Go ahead and admit it, you may have the will power but you don’t want to use it to workout.

You can cheat these emotional thoughts that rob you of a healthy lifestyle by changing your environment and thereby changing your emotional mind.

Before you know it 30 days will have past and you will have a new routine in place of your trip to the food store, couch and TV.

Go by XTC Fitness on Broadway next to The Diner and pick up a workout class schedule today.

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