Kickboxing Class Workout for Ladies

by admin on June 28, 2011

in Fitness Centers

Tyler TX kickboxing group classMy wife went to Tony Cruz XTC Fitness and Sports kickboxing group exercise class yesterday and came back looking like she got in a good one.

Before she went in to her first class she was a little worried there would be a bunch of guys but was pleased to find out there were quite a few moms like herself.

She brought along her sister Hannah who I noticed also seemed to get in a good workout. I asked them how it went after they came back and they said it was hard but good.

My wife seemed mainly happy about the amount of ladies there to workout with her as she felt less intimidated and more comfortable with all the estrogen in the room.

I imagine many women feel like when they walk into a Tyler gym for the first time that there will be all these large guys carrying 100 pound dumbbells but that is not what it is like.

The group exercise classes appeal to a certain type of person and that is the average Joe who just wants to lose some weight and get healthier.

It says something about us guys when a class like this is mainly composed of women. Women are getting healthier and living longer than men and this class ratio of women to men should give you a hint that men need to kick it up a notch.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a group exercise class like kickboxing please visit this article: Kickboxing class benefits at XTC Fitness

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