What is one of the cheapest ways to go green in Tyler Texas?

by admin on August 2, 2011


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As in most of the country we are in what the weather men are calling the heat dome. This dome of heat has kept temperatures above 100 degrees going on over 30 days now. At this time many peoples air conditioning bills are doubling in price.

The Texas ERCOT electric grid is experiencing record breaking demand which means if you are not locked into a fixed electric rate you will likely get a pretty nasty looking bill.

When it comes down to it it doesn’t matter a whole lot what your electric rate is if your home is not energy efficient. Regardless of your electric rate you will likely see your bill double in price as you use twice as much electricity usage.

The main way your home uses this additional energy is by the energy your air conditioning system uses. In East Texas we spend most of our money on the electricity bill on air conditioning charges.

In places like Seattle Washington they go year round without ever turning on an AC unit. Since we do not have the luxury of that it is important that you insulate your attic and look into upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner.

A high efficiency unit can reduce our electricity bill by about 1/3rd. You may spend a couple thousand more on a high efficiency unit but the money comes back to you right away which makes it a very smart low cost money saving option.

Of course insulating your attic is one of the cheapest ways but upgrading your AC unit is right behind that. Aire Serv of Smith County can help you with looking at high efficiency air conditioner options. They offer financing as well so you don’t have to pay for all of the cost right away.

Now is a good time to look into the small cost involved in significantly reducing your electric bill in Tyler Texas.

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