Julian’s Asian Diner

by admin on August 10, 2011

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Julians Restaurant

Julian’s is an asian diner located in the Time Square shopping center in Tyler TX that has been in Tyler for seven years, changing management and remodeling once in October of 2009. Julians has been a popular Tyler dinner spot for years. The food is good, well cooked and with unique flavor  that distinguishes it from an average asian food restaurant. The food may be above average but that doesn’t apply to most other aspects of the restaurant.

The low lighting is nice and helps provide a calm atmosphere but it doesn’t completely distract from from the minimal lame wall decor or awkward arrangement in my opinion. However, the bar is pretty decent, it’s in a separate room entirely from the dining area and has an even darker sleeker feel than the restaurant. As of recently Julians has started doing drink specials with Texas Tuesdays and Monday Martinis for six dollars.

The good thing about the food though, is that in addition to be being flavorful and well made of good ingredients it is also not too expensive as long as you go at lunch or if you’re content with Julian’s exceptional fried rice a half order is only $5.50 and despite being a half it amounts to a decent meal.

But if you’re interested in something a little more substantial they have a very good honey seared chicken which is lightly battered and wok fired in a honey soy sauce with garlic. If you’re looking for s meal specifically healthy or even vegetarian then I suggest one of Julian’s health bowls such as the Apex Shrimp Bowl consisting of shrimp, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and ginger or the Tofu bowl for the vegetarians.

Julians has good features, but it has not always had an excellent reputation for cleanliness, although it’s certainly not always the case. The service has been good as far as I’ve seen and the wait for food acceptable. However, the wait for a table can be long on certain nights so time your arrival well. The restaurant may not pull off the upscale look perfectly but the food is considered upscale for Tyler’s asian food scale which admittedly is not large.

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