Exercise Slows the Aging Process

by admin on August 15, 2011

in Weight Loss

Tyler TX weight loss fitness centersIn a study put out by the American Journal of Physiology it was discovered that antioxidant intervention which happens from taking supplements or exercise can slow the aging process. A steady routine of exercise had a significant effect on reducing oxidation about the same as taking supplements.

Don’t say, “Oh good I will just go take those pills instead of exercising.” It isn’t as simple as that as you must also contend with muscle attrition and fat gain that takes place after a certain age.

Unfortunately after you hit age 25 people typically lose about 1/2 to 1 pound of muscle tissue every year after this age. What happens is that by default our bodies will choose to add on more pounds of fat rather than muscle after this age.

You could see this medical reality as depressing but see it as a reason to get fit. By building up muscle mass through a regular workout routine at home or Tyler TX fitness center most people will increase their metabolic rate and burn more calories while resting.

You see you really can lose weight while doing nothing by you must first get in a workout routine to start building muscle so that will happen.

The numbers look like this, for every pound of muscle you keep or add on you will burn about 30 – 50 calories a day. By letting muscle be the default fiber you add on daily to your body you will allow yourself to lose weight the easy way, by doing nothing. You see that is why you hear the often used phrase, no pain no gain.

By getting in a small work out each day you will allow your body to shed those pounds simply by the new metabolic rate your body has with all that new muscle.

If you stay inactive all the time you are allowing your muscles to slowly eat away. Not only is your metabolic rate decreasing but your muscle tissue is being replaced by fat. This problem is easy to go unchecked as it is hard to see that your muscle is being replaced by fat as your body remains close to the same shape. Eventually you will notice and by that time things have gotten pretty bad.

In summary muscle isn’t just something that looks better than fat it actually increases your bodies ability to burn fat. If you have gone several years without exercising it is not uncommon to have lost close to 15 pounds of muscle. If you were to add that muscle back to your body your metabolic rate would be such that your body would naturally be able to burn 450 – 750 calories more per day simply by having that muscle back on your body.

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