How Mastic Can Solve Your Energy Bill Problem

by admin on August 15, 2011


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With home construction and home repair problems I constantly experience at my house I can get really frustrated as I have no construction back ground and cannot really fix too many of these things myself. I love to try but I usually screw something up along the way.

What I love to get is a helpful tip along the way that shows me a quick way to fix one of the many problems you often see in an older built house like mine. Many old houses have air conditioning ducts that have never been wrapped with insulation or had the cracks painted with a paint substance called mastic.

If you have been in your homes attic and have noticed that your ducts are not wrapped in insulation than you can almost bet that mastic has not been applied either. What mastic does is to seal the duct which typically reduces the air leakage coming out of those duct systems around the size of a large pizza.

Just imagine having a a whole the size of a pizza on the side of your house where your cool AC air just blows right out of. This is what is happening if you have not had your duct work sealed using mastic. This job can easily be done by a home owner and requires two very easy to get things and nothing more. You simply go to the hardware store and buy a can of mastic and a paint brush.

mastic ac duct paintingNext go up into your attic and paint the mastic around where each duct piece connects to the next one. You will be up in your attic awhile so be sure to wait until the sun goes down to do this work.

By doing this small construction job that requires little construction knowledge you can reduce your monthly electric bill dramatically.

If you would like an AC contractor to come to your Tyler home and check out this possibility for you I recommend giving Smith County Aire Serv a call at (903) 592-7773.


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