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by admin on August 23, 2011

in Weight Loss

kickboxing class xtc fitnessI finished workout number 22 at Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports last week and I have yet to change my eating habits but I am now at 174 pounds from my all time maximize size of 195 pounds.

I am getting pretty good now at coming in almost every time to the group kickboxing class at noon at XTC. I am able to fit this 45 minute class in on my lunch break and get a really good cardio workout in while building a little muscle.

Because I am maintaining a moderate heart rate throughout the class it helps to decrease my appetite so even though I have not changed my eating habits I most likely do not eat as big of portions as I used to because I am just not that hungry anymore.

For having only done 22 workouts I would say that my weight loss is a pretty awesome result of this class and as a 35 year old male I see the main benefit being my increased health and lower chances of developing heart disease as I age.

I will likely eventually change up my diet more and eat healthier simply because as you move along the pathway of your goals you start to see your pathway light up in front of you showing you what to do next.

It simply becomes clearer as you move forward in business and life what the next step is and this is all a part of the game of success in whatever you do.

The important point to take away here is to do something. Move forward in some small manner and even though you don’t yet know what the end result or next step will be it will become clearer as you make some effort.

Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports makes your progress even faster as when in a group workout class you are told what to do throughout the entire workout. A group exercise class does not have much of a learning curve or self motivation factor as you are almost forcing your will into action.

Every time I go to do one of these workouts I am amazed at the level of intensity and can admit that if left on my own I would have likely not forced myself to complete the workout with the same amount of effort.

A good group exercise class like the kickboxing or cycling class at XTC is a great way to move yourself into a new positive routine in your life. I truly believe you will feel better, healthier, and have a new outlook on how easy it can be to achieve new goals in your life once you do this class a few times.

Go check out their website blog here to learn more: Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports

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