Has Tyler Heard the Last of the Double D?

by admin on August 30, 2011

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Double D Ranch in Tyler TX

I haven’t been deliberately ignoring the final story of the DD vs. Toys R Us. I’ve just been too busy to sit down and write a follow up article until now. Our city’s current boiling controversy involving the Double D Ranch is, at least for now, settled. Judge Christi Kennedy, found in favor of the plaintiff, Toys R Us, and ruled that the corporation that owned El Chico was violating its lease when it converted the restaurant to the Double D Ranch; by employing a “semi nude,” “scantily clad” wait staff.  The injunction put in place last month which barred “The Ranch” for advertising or employing its staff in their famous uniforms was upheld last week. No further changes to the premises are allowed without the consent of Toys R Us, but the restaurant is not prohibited from opening under any other name, provided it keeps with the rules of the injunction.

Now I have to concede, that it seems unwise for the restaurant’s owners to invest the money and time into reconstructing a building that may or may not be able to actually open in a town as conservative as Tyler. Had their lease been airtight I’d be the first to support their right to open regardless of the fact that I find their theme to be tacky and generally tasteless. That being said I hardly think the term “Semi- nude” really applies here. Scantily clad maybe, but even that is kind of nebulous. According to the reports I read, a trial will be held in November to determine the final word on the issue. However, with the injunction having been upheld thus far I don’t see anything changing over the next few months. I suspect what remains, is simply the groups involved, attempting to wrangle up any lost revenue. I could be wrong but I’ll be surprised if the case is overturned at this point. Readers who have any more info on the coming trial are invited to share it in the comments section. I’d be curious to know what remains to be decided. That being said, I strongly suspect that Tyler’s Double D Ranch idea is headed for the last round- up.           

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Tina September 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

Double D Ranch is no different than Hooters, if they take their children there they see the same thing, what's daisey dukes and a short blouse, if they take there children to the beach, are the swimming poll they see worse! Tyler need something different here. Life is to short to be messes. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy your meal.


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