Iphone 4S To Be Released Today as Market Tanks

by admin on October 4, 2011

in Tech

Iphone 5 isn’t really coming out today but what is coming out is being called iphone 4S and it is the latest iphone available now. For those of you who think the iPhone is a frenzy about nothing and simply a bunch of Apple fanatics I must tell you this is not completely right. The Iphone offers superior battery life compared to all other phones and you can access the internet while your talking to someone on the phone at the same time.There are several exclusive apps that are only available on the iPhone such as instagram that offer a really phone user experience.I am not an iPhone fanatic but I do appreciate the iPhone benefits compared to Android phones.One last positive not is simply that the iPhone has less security vulnerabilities compared to Android devices that constantly get infected by Malware.

The negatives regarding the iPhone would be the $100 plus a month service charges the crappy ability of itunes when installed on a PC and how expensive these things are…it is like carrying around a bar of gold or something. For a quick summary of the iphone please look at the nifty infographic below. Keep in mind that the iPhone 5 will likely come flying off the shelves making Apple billions even though American Airlines is talking about bankruptcy today, the market has crashed for several days now, and Bernanke gets ready to announce just how long he expects we will have to wait for the economy to recover.


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