Chuck E Cheese Coupons verses Just Going to CiCi’s For Even Cheaper

by admin on October 5, 2011

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Here is a CiCi’s coupon good until Oct 9 2011: Click here

Chuck E Cheese pizza in Tyler is one of those places many believe Tyler is so lucky to have. I have been to Chuck E Cheese in 2011 5 times so far and this has been 5 times too many. When I was a child living in Wichita Falls Texas my parents pretended the place was not even there and I totally understand why. Now as an adult I feel like sound pollution from this pizza place is a form of torture but yet I still take my kids here sometimes because I know they love it but yet they love the Chick Fila kids play area and the Cici’s arcade just as much. So why do I or any of us have to be tortured by the big mouse robot? Honestly the mouse is pretty cool but like I said the noise is too much for even my son. If you are one of those that likes this loud kids arcade you can save a lot of money by getting their online coupons but you can get by cheap and still have fun at Cici’s too with coupon even.

If you want Chuck E Cheese coupons just go straight to their website as they offer them right there. You don’t even have to print the coupons as you can pull it up on your phone and show the employees from your phone as we have done this numerous times.

For a better idea why not save money instead by choosing Cici’s pizza. The pizza is better, it is not as loud, and kids under 3 eat free.

As a kid I loved the mouse and I often got confused regarding if the robot mouse was alive and just very still because he would sometimes roam around greeting kids. As an adult I am not confused about Chuck E Cheese, I know what mouse is robot and what mouse is a pizza guy. I still love the mouse but I don’t like how loud and crazy it is.

The only downside to going to CiCi’s is not having a robot mouse and greeter and not having the awesome playground area. I think your kids will still have a lot of fun going to CiCi’s instead as I have seen no complaints from my nieces, nephews, and my own kids.

If you must still go to Chuck E Cheese you can access their coupons on your phone here: You must select your city and click on Submit or simply use the coupons from the Tyler Texas area…they should work pretty much anywhere: Tyler TX Chuck E Cheese Coupons

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Rial October 23, 2011 at 1:27 am

I love taking my kids to chuckie cheese restaurants, they have a great selection of Pizzas and combos and great animated characters that kids love! I also use coupons a lot, you can subscribe to their Daily Coupons list and they will send you free coupons or reward points that you can use at your nearest Chuckie cheese restaurant… Enjoy! More info here


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