New Furnace But a Loud House

by admin on October 24, 2011

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We bought our first house about 3 years ago and instead of buying a new house we bought a very old house and fixed it up quite a bit. One of the first things we did was buy a new heating and AC system made by Lennox.

I was told of an HVAC tech in the area that could do it for a good price and so I called him and he came right over to quote me and begin investigating the job.

Our HVAC guy got the system in the house just in time for the winter. Although we had a new furnace to heat our home I discovered some things where professionalism was severely lacking in the job he had done.

The air filter could not be removed from the central system without bending at a 90 degree angle nor could it be put in without the same bend.

There was a flex duct in the way preventing an easy filter installation and this was the beginning of the troubles I started to find with this affordable Heating system we bought for the winter.

In the babies room we discovered from the previous unit that it was extremely loud where the return air came through. When we turned on the heating system to heat the entire house the noise pollution all went into his room.

You can barely hear someone talking to you in this room when the system is going and so I asked my heating technician for a solution to this problem. At the time I knew nothing about single zone systems where 100 % of the air goes to 100 % of the duct work.

When our system came on it only knew to blow 1200 cubic feet of air per minute throughout all the duct work. The babies room return air problem had no management of how this air was dispersed and so it had to assimilate air back into the system from this one room to send it throughout the entire house.

What we needed all along was a barometric damper. If our heating guy had known (and maybe he did but wanted to save money on the job) he would have suggested a barometric damper and would have split the current heating system and duct work into a two zone system and installed a barometric damper.

With the damper you get improved performance of the heating system, reduction in air flow and noise to an acceptable level, and you heat each room without anyone even knowing it.

These little devices do not cost a lot, they send excess air to another zone when needed, and are adjusted for static pressure. If you live in an old Tyler Texas house and are getting a new heating and AC system and have a noise problem like we did be sure to ask your heating technician what their plan of attack will be for reducing noise pollution in your house.

You want every room in your home to be enjoyable to live in and trust me you do not want to have to compete against a loud central heating and AC system because you will lose. The HVAC tech that includes a barometric damper in his system design when dealing with a 2 zone system or higher has proven that he is not just your average heating company guy.

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