How My Gym Workout Went in 2011

by admin on December 31, 2011

in Fitness Centers

Wow! I can actually go into a new year without wondering if I should make a new years resolution to workout again. I have been working out over at Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports the last few months and I have seen some dramatic results.

For instance, when I started working out there I weighed 195 pounds but as of today I weigh 172 pounds all from doing the kick boxing group exercise class they have there. I learned a few fundamental basic fighting skills through repetitive action on the kicking bag. I have increased my cardiovascular system through running the undulated indoor track during the 45 minute kick boxing class. I have also managed to tone up quite a bit and put on some muscle pounds.

I am a male and so I managed to lose a lot of weight because most of it was a lot of pure extra body fat on top of muscle. For women you will not always see a quick reduction in weight in the beginning as you are building a lot of muscle while at the same time shedding pounds. This class is just as much for women as it is for men and often times there are more women in my class than men.

What is so cool about XTC is that you get to see a full spectrum of fitness levels working out with you. Everyone pitches in to encourage and lift up those around them. You only workout as much as your body can handle but over time you will find that you are able to push a bit more each time and will eventually be able to accomplish everything the instructor asks the group to do.

I personally must still cheat on some exercises as I really push myself about as far as I can on each exercise and so many times I have to simply quit before the instructor tells us to stop.

If you are like many of us who will be making a new years resolution regarding fitness and weight loss in Tyler Texas I highly recommend trying out Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports. They have over 80 group exercise classes a week which are sure to keep you on track with your goals. The best thing about these classes is that they are free with your gym membership.

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