Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs, Read This For a Start

by admin on February 24, 2012


Based on your ability to bring up this page on a website and that your looking at it now you probably know how to read and aren’t just staring at the pretty pictures. Truth be told, I think reading needs to be a prerequisite for any job that requires technical know how. Without the ability to read you would not know to, “Unplug power cord from socket before licking copper cable.”

For some really helpful advice from an unbiased HVAC tech visit this link…pretty awesome real advice

Many of us routinely throw instructions immediately into the trash once we open up a new item but as a professional sometimes it is important to read some of this stuff before installing something new in a customers home. I watched a heating and air conditioning tech just yesterday read some instructions, it said, “place tobacco in middle of rolling paper, roll, then wet ends to stick”.

All this being said I believe YOU and most heating and AC technicians do in fact know how to read. If techs know how to read why is it so difficult for them to make the smart choice and actually pick up and feel the directions, even if they don’t even read them?

I believe this whole thing about not reading directions is a macho man thing. I don’t like wearing pastel colors but for my wife I will sometimes wear these colors for Easter for a nice family picture.

It might just be that direction pages seem somewhat intimidating because the booklet can be 50 pages long or more. In reality when you actually get past all the safety pages, warnings, and multiple language translations you may only have a couple paragraphs to read.

I have had a heater installed in my house that was a new type of device the heating technician had never installed before. He got it installed in record time but a funny thing happened. The flex ducts connected to it were all bent at a 90 degree angle cutting off any ability to actually circulate air. There was also a weird smell in the air like what you smell when their is a natural gas leak.

Funny thing, there was a natural gas leak coming from the newly installed heating system, a trickle of air heating my room, directions in the trash and no heating tech in site.

When it comes to picking a professional heating and air conditioning company to install or repair your HVAC system make sure that if they start scratching their head about something they eventually pick up an instruction manual.

Why wait for their supervisor to come out and tell them to read the instructions if you might be able to encourage them to do that yourself.

You could also hire a professional quality HVAC company in Tyler Texas that has competent staff available that know to stay updated on new technology and read instructions as necessary.

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