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by admin on June 30, 2012

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  I don’t know whether or not we’ve ever written about the Shed in Edom. But being that I had lunch there today, and enjoyed it, I thought make certain we hadn’t missed the boat on this one. For those that don’t know, Edom is another town located between Tyler and Chandler. It’s long been a little arts and antiques community. In fact a visit to The Shed, or its cross the street rival the Edom Bakery and Grill, bears out the truth of that assertion. The town is a haven for old hippies, artists, cowboys, motorcyclists and even big city sophisticates, all of whom eat at the aforementioned establishments, which help make Edom worthy of its place on the map.

Legend has it, (or at least it’s been reported to me), that The Shed and The Edom bakery and Grill, are owned and operated by rival members of the same family and are in an only partially friendly competition. Each eatery has its devotees but The Shed has been in business for more than thirty five years, and seems to command greater reputation. I can’t really comment on the Bakery’s menu since I have yet to try it. Perhaps when I get around to visiting I’ll consider allowing for equal time. I have on the other hand, visited The Shed on a couple of occasions and feel comfortable offering a rudimentary report. It’s good.

Ok, so it’s better than good. It wouldn’t have lasted for more than a quarter century in Edom if it wasn’t. The menu consists largely of staple southern and “home –style” cooking. I especially recommend their breakfast menu, with particular attention to their biscuits and gravy.  The ambiance, (which may itself be a bit too sophisticated a term), is authentic country and when coupled with the unique cross- section clientele, and the town setting, the décor is a perfect match.  One caveat, The Shed is always busy. Visitors should allow themselves a bit of waiting time. But don’t worry; it will be well worth it. For more info on The Shed stop by their web page:

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