To Call The Station to Find the Final Score

by admin on August 27, 2012

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We all know that high school football is big in Texas. Actually, that’s a major understatement. It’s huge, and until you work with high school football in one way or another or you’ve seen the curtain pulled back a little, you might not know just how big it is.

I’ve worked for a few different news outlets in Texas covering high school football and that’s given me more insight as to how big it really is, just like everything else in Texas. After covering a game, I will often go up the office where phones are ringing off the hook. Fans want to know who won different games throughout the area and coaches are calling to report their scores.

Thankfully though, if you live in Tyler or somewhere else in the East Texas area, you have no reason to call radio and TV stations or newspaper offices to ask for scores thanks to
I wrote for ET Final Score last year and found just how convenient it is. Fans can read articles, look up stats through the season and even look up live stats and scores on Friday nights.

So, if you’re at Rose Stadium watching the Red Raiders and you want to know what the score in the John Tyler game is, just pull out your smart phone and pull Seriously, unless you’re going to report some scores, don’t use the phone to call the station and ask what Chapel Hill is doing. It’ll be on the website soon if it’s not already.

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