Hell House back to scare people into relationship

by admin on October 29, 2012

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Location: 14196 Hwy 110 S
Whitehouse, Tx 75791
Dates : Oct. 24-31st
Times: 7:00pm – 10pm weekdays
7:00 – 12:00 weekends
Tickets $8.00
Reservations: 903-593-1510
( There are usually very long lines so if you are coming
from a distance it would be best to make reservations early!)

I remember as a kid hearing my classmates talk about going to the Hell House. Some said they were scared by what they saw and others said they weren’t. Whether or not they were is a separate issue. I don’t think I ever went. I just wasn’t interested plus I’m guessing my parents weren’t interested in taking me and looking back I don’t blame them. The reason I say that isn’t because I think they would’ve been worried about me being scared, but quite possibly because of the theology of the Hell House.

If you’re new or unfamiliar with this annual event, it’s a Christian’s version of a haunted house which attempts to demonstrate the scary consequences of sin and scare people away from Hell. There are actors portraying different tragic scenes such as an abortion or a suicide in hopes of steering people away from that. Scenes will also include a voice which is supposed to be the voice of Satan encouraging the characters of the scenes to take part in a sinful act.

With all due respect to Tyler Metro (the church that puts it on every year) and those involved in anyway, I think we’re missing it. Many people have tried using the “turn or burn” method in evangelism but truth is, it’s not biblical. I don’t recall Jesus ever preaching that way. He showed love to everyone He came into contact with and knew just how to speak to them.

The point of Christianity is not to avoid hell, it’s to have a personal relationship with God and quite honestly, you can’t scare people into a loving relationship.

Also, I don’t see the Hell House having long term effects. When kids are faced with temptation a couple years after attending the Hell House, I just don’t want to hear them saying, “Oh, I better not because at the Hell House…”

No kids under the age of 12 are allowed in, which is definitely for the best, but I don’t think the turn or burn method will have long lasting effects on a teenager but that might just be me.

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