Brookshires is Super 1 on Loop and 64

by admin on November 25, 2012

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If you’ve driven on the Northwest loop you may have noticed Brookshires is now Super 1 Foods. The two stores have the same owners who decided to make a few changes to the store, including the name.

The Brookshires’ company owns several different grocery stores and has a rich history in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, and that history starts in the Rose Capital itself. In 1928, Wood T. Brookshire opened a small grocery store on the downtown square in Tyler. It was only 25 x 100 feet. Eventually, his company expanded and owned companies such as Brookshires Grocery, Brookshire Brothers, Super 1 Food Stores, and Ole Foods. In addition to that, it also owns Tyler’s Fresh.

The Brookshires company also owns and operates three different distribution facilities, two of which are located in Tyler and the other in Monroe, La. Those facilities are known for producing and manufacturing bakery and dairy products, ice cream, yogurt and more. Tyler also serves as home to the Brookshires Museum. Brookshires also employs about 12,000 people.

The name isn’t the only change which has been made. The store located on Loop 323 and Highway 64 has been cleaned up and remodeled, making things easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, but if you’re really skeptical, go in yourself and take a look.


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