Popeye’s Chicken in Tyler… Again!

by admin on December 11, 2012

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popeyesI should start off this article by acknowledging that I may in fact, be a latecomer to this subject, but there are a couple of businesses just opened in Tyler to whom I thought I’d offer some free publicity. For the last couple of months my son has watched the development of what he calls Popeye’s “Bacon.” (I’m not entirely sure why he calls it bacon rather than chicken, but he does).

Anyway I promised him that when it was complete and open for business we’d give it a try. For weeks I put it off for a couple of reasons, namely I didn’t want to spend my sparse income eating out, but also because I didn’t want to spend an entire evening waiting in line. And that’s not much of an exaggeration folks. The line was literally around the restaurant and down the street.

Well, as the public anticipation has finally subsided a bit, I finally ventured out this past weekend and fulfilled my promise to my son. Even at this late date the new franchise was far from slow. We were probably four cars back in the drive through. I was actually surprised by how quickly the line moved considering the newness of the facility and the trainees.

Now, obviously I’ve been to Popeye’s Chicken before so I knew what to expect. I ordered two po- boy sandwich combos, one mild chicken (for my son), and a fried shrimp for myself.  Both were delicious. Tyler has tried Cajun food before, in a number of different incarnations, and for some reason none has really lasted. I realize that Popeye’s is, at best Cajun food for novices, but I’m hoping that serving it alongside something as popular as chicken may help it stick around a bit longer.

I also have to respect the management’s decision to strike out and try another chicken restaurant in a market with a lot of competition, and a terrible economy.  I wish you all the luck in the world Popeye’s on the west loop in Tyler! May our burgeoning relationship be long and prosperous for both of us!

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