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by admin on December 31, 2012

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legacyLife just flat out sucks sometimes. As we get older, we experience more and hardships and loss. One may figure the more loss we experience, the easier it is because we learn how to deal with it but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s only going to get harder as we go.

That’s why we sometimes need help carrying our burdens. That’s the purpose of places like Legacy Hospice in Tyler. The have a caring and supportive staff to help people suffering tragic losses and experiencing terrible things nobody should have to experience.

One day I was sitting at lunch in a restaurant with a chaplain of the Legacy Hospice when an employee of the restaurant came up the chaplain and began to share his experiences with him. He told the chaplain of the tough times he was going through as a result of the passing of his mother and another relative. He was traumatized but also thankful for the help and support of Legacy Hospice. He thanked the chaplain for the phone calls and card with a personal note telling him if there was anything else he needed, not to hesitate in asking.

Something about that moment stands out in my mind. It showed me several things but the biggest was the impact he had on others. That’s the type of people who work at Legacy Hospice.

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