The Tyler Wet / Dry Debate, a Personal Last Word… For a While Anyway

by admin on December 31, 2012

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giveusbeerAfter reading the post I found here on Tyler TX Directory about Tyler going wet, I found myself in a family debate on the issue. As a devout, practicing Christian, I drink wine every week at Eucharist; I enjoy wine with friends at dinner and a cold beer on a hot day, especially if I’m working outside. And I voted for the right, as a responsible adult, to buy an occasional case of beer at my local Brookshire’s, rather than drive a half hour to the county line liquor store. Now I’ve grown up in Tyler. I’m obviously not Baptist but I have family members who are. And yet with all of this being said, I’ve still been amazed by how contentious the wet / dry issue continues to be.

I’ll go one further. I’m a pretty conservative, traditional guy, and I vote that way. But I have acquaintances in Tyler who were just as devastated by the results of the wet / dry election as they were by those of the nation. Honestly, I almost wish I had simply abstained from voting on the issue altogether, so that I could honestly answer no to any inquires as to my vote.

Look, allow me to break the suspense. There are going to be people who do not exercise their liberty responsibly, I understand that. But I prefer not to be held captive by the poor choices that others may make. I know we all have our worries and concerns one way or the other. I guess for me it’s all about living simply and enjoying (responsibly) that which God gave us to make the heart glad. I have no desire to relish my liberties in a way that brings offense to those who don’t share them. But I’m also tired of the moralizing and admonitions coming from the other side of the issue. So, I guess my purpose for composing this piece would be to pose the following question: Can we let the issue be for a while Tyler?

dry drycountyHonestly, it seems like everywhere I go lately I’m treated either to vitriol, “finally Tyler has stepped into the modern age!” or commiseration and hand ringing, “I just hate seeing beer in my favorite grocery store!” Ok, regardless of how some of us feel, all moral restraint is not going to melt away. Tyler is not going to be pelted with fire and brimstone because of the retails can now maintain an aisle with adult beverages. How about we all just take a deep breath, make allowance for other’s feelings on the issue, (and this most importantly), behave like grown- ups.

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