Smashburger in Tyler… Again.

by admin on January 26, 2013

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I must admit to being late to the party on this one, really, really late actually. But last week I finally tried a new Tyler favorite for burgers. Of course I’m referring to Smashburger on South Broadway. The Smashburger Company is only six years old or so, but the franchise has exploded recently. We can all testify to the fact that Tylerites are not happy unless we are home to the latest and greatest new restaurant trends out there, so of course we needed two. I generally take a marginally cynical approach to our unfulfilled desire for new corporate food, but I have to admit, my experience at Smashburger was a really good one.

The burgers were juicy and delicious, the sweet potato fries were delicious, the service was quick and friendly, (despite the fact that we visited fairly late and the staff no doubt wanted to go home), and the store was generally neat and clean. Having only been there once, I would actually feel more comfortable writing after another visit. However, I was a bit surprised to find my impressions lived up to the reviews given me by others.

In terms of how the store measures up to its area competition, I’d say it’s probably a bit of a step above Whataburger… maybe. That’s a tough call for me because like most Texans, I love Whataburger. I would also prefer Smashburger to Daniel Boone’s . That may be a touch controversial I realize, but personally I’ve always found DB’s to be rather overrated. I’d probably draw the line at Juicy’s. It’s close but I’ll error on the side of the old Tyler standby. Overall I’d likely go ahead and give Smashburger an A. The way I see that gives me wiggle room either way were I to visit and have a different experience.

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