Renovation Is Coming to Tyler

by admin on January 26, 2013

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Tyler is often referred to as the buckle of the Bible belt. When it comes to churches our fair city is like Baskin Robbins, offering a flavor for everyone. (I apologize if I’ve used that analogy before). At any rate, despite our denominational diversity we tend to keep to our own theological corners, which is somewhat understandable if not a little unfortunate. Too often our first impulse is to start a new church on our own pet doctrines rather than find an already existing community with whom we can connect. But I digress… This spring three of Tyler’s older, down town churches are collaborating to present a faith formation conference for people desiring to deepen their devotion and connect (or reconnect) with their faith. The conference is called “Renovation,” and it is being presented by Christ Episcopal, Marvin Methodist and First Baptist churches. It will be held on March 2nd; from 9am to 3pm. Featured speakers include Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith.

Richard Foster is a Professor, theologian, and author who has written extensively on contemplative prayer, fasting and worship. He is the cofounder of “Renovaré,” an organization dedicating to helping churches (and individuals) pursue the spiritual disciplines and develop a more in depth spirituality. James Bryan Smith, is the co-founder of “Renovaré.” He has written on faith formation and spiritual devotion. There is a very nominal fee for attending, but child care is available.

It’s good to see the churches in our city coming together for meaningful community outreach, especially when it transcends denominational lines like this one. The hope is that events of this type will continue grow and bring unity to the larger Christian community in East Texas. For more information, to register for the Renovation conference, or (for out of town guests) to book a hotel room in Tyler go to .

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