Drive in theaters-what’s the appeal?

by admin on January 27, 2013

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There’ve been posts on this website about the Skyvue drive-in movie theater and from the sounds of it, it’s pretty popular. I’ve never been to it nor have I been to any drive in theater, but mainly because I personally don’t see the appeal.

Before I go further, I’m not saying this to stir the pot. I’m honestly just trying to see the appeal. The thought of sitting in a parked car while watching a movie just doesn’t sound fun to me. Don’t we spend enough time in our cars each week as it is? Our cars are transportation. They get us from one destination to another. Once we arrive at our destination, why would we want to remain sitting in the car for a couple more hours?

I understand it’s cheaper than a regular movie theater and if you want some cheap entertainment outside of the house, I get that. I’m all for saving money which is why I might go to the movies once a year. However, just because something is cheaper doesn’t necessarily make it fun. If you’re comparing it to a regular theater, obviously it’s going to be cheaper. Going to the movies isn’t what it used to be, mainly because of how expensive it is. If there’s a movie I want to see, I have no problem waiting for it to come out on Netflix or the Red Box.

Back to the issue of sitting in the car; I know you can sit outside and on a blanket or a chair, but I think I’m still missing something because I’m not sure I want to pay $6 a ticket to sit in the grass. Not to mention, it seems to me like in order to make it halfway worthwhile, you have to go at the perfect time of the year. I definitely wouldn’t go in the summer.

Perhaps the reason I don’t see it is because I don’t have kids. Maybe the drive-in theater provides a good opportunity for the kids to get out and run off some of that energy. Beyond that, I don’t get it.

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