Putt- Putt Golf and Games in Tyler

by admin on February 21, 2013

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puttputtI recently took my son to join some friends from church at Putt- Putt Golf and Games in Tyler. It was an activity we undertook in lieu of bowling, (there was some kind of mix- up), but the weather was so great that it ended up being even better than the original event. I’ve visited Putt- Putt Golf and Games in the past. It’s been a fixture in Tyler for many years. The area in which it’s situated seems odd for that kind of recreational business, but once on the course, the surrounding environment seems no to matter so much.

I will confess that due to the age of the place, parts of the course are a bit worn and could do with some renovation. However the staff was courteous and the kids had a great time. The courses are pretty fun and well laid out, aside from the fact that portions do feel slightly cramped. When compared to say, the mini- golf course at the Villages I must confess to preferring the later, but lacking a membership, the fees are probably a bit higher. My other critique is of the “Games,” in “Putt- Putt Golf and Games.” There are a few 1980s style arcade games, about half of which work, all in poor condition. Since this is not why either I, or any other guests for that matter, visit, it hardly matters.

Overall Putt- Putt Golf and Games, in Tyler is a good stop, particularly on a cool spring day. Don’t go expecting a real upscale brand new course, but the kids will have a great time and the price is certainly minimal. They are located at 2311, South East Loop 323, in Tyler.

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