Gas prices continue climbing in Tyler

by admin on February 25, 2013

in Tyler Businesses

Even though it affects more than just Tyler, gas prices aren’t friendly to this city, or anywhere for that matter. There was once a time when I could fill my tank for less than $30 but now I just hope to keep it under $50.

It’s sad and scare as gas prices are souring, currently at around $3.70 per gallon and counting.

Tylerites are going to have to consider driving less or other forms of transportation. I’ve never taken the Tyler City Transit but if gas prices continue to climb, it might be something for us all to consider. Heck, it might even be worth giving a second thought to biking for those who live close enough to the office.

Regardless, the gas prices are more than just a little inconvenient and they leave many of us consider ways to save our wallets. Should we stop eating out? Regardless, the increasing prices leave us all looking ways to save a few bucks.

Something else to consider is to use gas gift cards. I’m not usually big on gift cards but a gift card from Walmart can go a long way when filling up your tank. Also, make selective when choosing where to fill up. Some gas stations have better quality fuel.


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