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As I mentioned before, especially in the last post, I love baseball. I love talking about it, watching it, writing about it and reading about it. Although, I’m not sure what I think about a movie about one of the greatest baseball stories of all time.

April 12 is when the movie 42 is slated to be released. In case you’re not aware, it’s a movie about Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier.

42I say all the time, ’m not a big fan of sports movies. The story of Robinson is a tremendous one, but it can’t be recreated. I’ve read the story several times, and that’s how I think I’d prefer to keep it. A book or article simply retells a story where a movie tries to re-create something that can’t be recreated.

If it’s a documentary, that’s one thing because that way, you at least get to hear straight from the people who were there instead of someone trying to act it out.

My concern is that Hollywood is going to do this phenomenal story a disservice. I’m also worried they may leave out important details while adding some inaccurate information which in the long run, takes away from the story.

I never saw the movie Blind Side but I read about it. It’s a great story but one I chose not to see because I didn’t care to see Sandra Bullock play the role of a woman teaching someone how to play football. Which by the way, Michael Oher already knew how the play football. He didn’t learn from that family, it was something he grew up playing. That added info doesn’t help the movie be more interesting and it actually kind of cheapens it. I hope they don’t do the same thing in the movie 42.

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