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by admin on April 30, 2013

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familyI must admit I am not the one in the family to jump at the chance to get a professional photographer for family pictures, for me iPhone pictures really seem to do the trick.

My wife likes iPhone photos and videos even more than me but she was also aware unlike myself what a professional photographer could do.

My wife talked me into the idea of getting a professional photographer to take some really good pictures so we can give them out to family and hang them on our walls.

woodsI listened and realized that my wife had a good point. I had seen Cally Finney’s work on facebook and on her website awhile before my wife and I even talked about professional photos.

noahWhat struck me about Cally was a true natural talent at taking photos that many people I know would think they can do also but just can’t.

menThere really is a difference when it comes to picking a professional photographer. That artistic touch of knowing what to do depending on where you are and what’s going on really sets her a part from the rest.

karateWhen Melody asked me what I thought about using Cally Finney, I did not hesitate to say I think she is probably the best talent I’ve seen in east Texas when it comes to photography.

The next thing you know we are scheduling Cally to come out to our house to take pictures during a good time of day for lighting.

Having her at our house was a real pleasure and she knew exactly what to do and how to make us all feel comfortable as we did many different poses and settings around the yard.

Most of what we did with Cally was just natural type of stuff but was strategically done in areas that allowed for the right lighting to shine and with the best background.

The camera Cally brought with her had a lens on it that might have been not unlike the lens that discovered Pluto in 1930 so rest assured she comes equipped with what she needs to get that awesome quality shot.

In summary Cally Finney with Callynth Photography offers you a pleasant experience with a real professional that can be seen in the many examples she provides on her ever increasing in popularity Facebook page: Callynth Photography on Facebook

To contact Cally please fill out the contact form on her website available by clicking here

I recommend you go ahead and set up a family shoot with her right now because this is a great time of the year for outdoor photos.

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