Tyler Directory Writers

Micah Sewell

Micah is a missionary with Youth With a Mission and is a very good and entertaining writer. He wrote several articles on many Tyler businesses on this site and a helpful review of Stereo and Video Center of Tyler that convinced me to go buy my stereo receiver from this store over a large chain like Best Buy. Micah has gone on to create several interesting websites and online businesses you can check out here:


Vicki Gregg

Vicki offers a unique perspective having come from England and from an overseas missionary background. Vicki and her family work as missionaries for Mercy Ships. When she is not writing and in Tyler her family travels on a ship to Africa and other countries to offer free medical help to those in need. Vicki has several children and works as a house wife while her husband is away at work.

Hannah Johnson

Hannah has lived in Tyler for most of her life and works as a house wife while her husband completes his engineering degree at UT Tyler. Hannah offers a humorous take on local Tyler Texas businesses from her experiences shopping with two young girls in the city of Tyler.

Aghi K.

Aghi has written several articles regarding discount stores and shopping in Tyler Texas. Aghi offers ways to save money in Tyler on most household goods and services as well as medical care.

Todd Hague

Todd works at a local private Christian highschool and middle school in Tyler TX. In his spare time he takes care of his son while editing books and writing for Tyler TX Directory. Todd has written extensively about local Tyler educational systems and schools. Todd has also provided his ratings on the different book stores in Tyler.

Melody Eisenbach

Melody offers her opinion on the largest junior college in Texas – Tyler Junior College. Melody will graduate from TJC in one more semester in early childhood education. She will eventually pursue a bachelors degree at UT Tyler in which she will use her degree to home school our 2 year old son. Melody also writes reviews on local restaurants and retail stores in Tyler.

Jason Hague

Jason now lives in Oregon with his wife 2 daughters and 3 sons. He writes on retail stores, schools, and entertainment in Tyler Texas while living out of state. Jason grew up in Tyler and visits once or twice a year. He offers a little different perspective now being on the outside.

Sarah Hague

Sarah is married to Jason Hague and writes for Tyler TX Directory on local events and attractions in Tyler Texas. She has most recently written about the Childrens Clothing Consignment Sale held twice a year at the Harvey Convention Center.

Donny Eisenbach

Donny is the owner of this local Tyler website and writes on a large range of topics in Tyler Texas. He doesn’t always have the time to edit every article which makes the articles a bit eccentric and unique compared to what you may read in the Tyler Paper or Bscene magazine. Donny accepts both negative and positive article reviews on Tyler businesses. Many times he receives both a positive and a negative article on a business, restaurant, or attraction.