Christian Heritage School in Tyler TX, A Great Private Education for Very Reasonable Tuition

by admin on June 14, 2017

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Well, it’s June again and for some area students the summer is just beginning. For others, the first month is nearly in the books. I’ve been a teacher for nearly twenty years now, and in all those years I’ve noticed that when it comes to student registration it’s always the elementary families that get out in front of the rush. It’s the high school families that tend to wait until the last minute of summer vacation to sign up for classes. And as a parent and a teacher I understand why families who close out the school year in great anticipation of summer would not want to start thinking about reenrolling right away. But with that said, it’s never really, too early to have a plan. (My wife would love that last statement by the way). And many private schools offer tuition or registration reductions for early enrollments.

And speaking of tuition values, Christian Heritage School in Tyler is a great value. The school offers a private, classical, Principle Approach education at one of the lowest costs either in Tyler or in East Texas. While the school is small its impact is not. Classroom size allows for good individual attention and a multi- national student body helps to enrich the experience of all the students.

CHS- Tyler is an institution dedicated to traditional education and Christian faith formation. The staff is devoted to mentoring their students both in faith and learning, as well as building critical reasoning skills. Thankfully there is room for reenrollment and the school is really looking and hoping for positive growth. For those perspective students looking for something new and a bit different, this school is a great option. For returning students I have three words: referral, referral, referral. We’re looking for students who are serious about their education, their character, and their future. For more information on CHS visit the schools website at .

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