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People keep asking me how my summer is going. I usually respond with something halfway sarcastic like; “ok… It’s a different set of problems.” Of course, it’s less about actual problems and more about responsibilities. In the course of the summer I go from being a high school lit teacher to an events coordinator for my son, and it’s also imperative that those events should be both educational and entertaining. This summer we had him enrolled in any number of vacation bible school programs, trips to the discovery Science Place, and afternoons spent at the pool. But our favorite new activity by far, has been his enrollment in classes at Matt Bare’s Taekwondo in Tyler.

My son is a hyperactive nine- year- old, who best functions in a structured environment. Taekwondo has helped to give him focus, and forced him to move and act intentionally rather than impulsively. We have found it to be an invaluable tool for disciplining both the mind and the body. It educates the brain by using physicality to appeal to my son’s athletic nature. And what’s more, it’s a year- round activity so the learning doesn’t have to stop when fall rolls around.

Matt Bare’s is a local, family owned and operated training gym as well as an accredited member of Taekwondo United. The gym has a number of summer programs and camps running right now, in order to build interest in the sport and in the business. It was this program by the way, that got my son in the door (as well as referral from friends) and once in the door he was hooked. We’ve been at Matt Bare’s nearly every evening of the week this summer. The staff and trainers are really great. They challenge the kids and draw them into new territory where they may be apprehensive. And the school attracts students of all ages from all around our area. They come from Lindale, Whitehouse, Bullard, and north Tyler.

Matt Bare’s Taekwondo is located at 1901 Deerbrook, just past the Grande Paluxy intersection. For more information visit their web site at; .

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