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by admin on September 13, 2009

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In the city of Tyler most people have found that the real estate market is huge in this town. I am really overwhelmed at the amount of real estate agents and agencies we have here. Driving through the Mansions, Cascades, Fairmont, Eagles Bluff, Hollytree and other starter-castle neighborhoods you start to realize we have a lot of health care, oil and gas, small business owners and law professionals that make a good chunk of change in Tyler Texas.

I find myself asking just how many people in Tyler are there that can afford a $500,000 house as our city seems almost overrun with them. It could just be my mindset of seeing this home price tag as way over the top for most people but I continue to ask this question. Well I am glad there are people in our town that can buy a home at this price as it is one of the many components of our healthy economy.

When I moved back to Tyler I did not know anyone personally that was a Tyler Texas real estate agent. I simply called a few numbers on some Tyler Texas Real Estate for sale signs and picked me one. I got lucky because my real estate agent was very helpful and easy to get in contact with. She worked with Keller Williams Realty in Tyler although it appears she has relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area.

One issue I discovered while searching for a home in Tyler was that some people were trying to sell their home in South Tyler where Old Grande Boulevard was being extended. The issue was that these very ugly large electricity lines and poles were erected right outside their back yards. The road construction would be extending a well trafficked road practically in their backyards.

Some of these Tyler homes came down in price as the year progressed. A few homes were simply taken off the market and the owners chose to lease the home instead. I recently drove down through this neighborhood and pretty much all of these houses that were for sale have been sold at a discount or are now being leased. Looking at the Old Grande Boulevard construction I noticed the nice Rose Rudman sidewalk trails have been extended to border behind these houses with a decent grassy border before the road begins. The road isn’t that wide and it takes away from the eyesore of the electric poles and wires.

To me, this neighborhood near Andy’s Frozen Custard and Old Grande represents a good deal. If you want a nice area of town at a price you can afford you may find one of these owners will let it go much cheaper than a house just down the road. We used Keller Williams Realty and had a very good experience with them. Because our Tyler TX realtor continued to answer our questions, negotiate price, and meet us at different properties we feel confident in recommending Keller to potential East Texas home buyers. If you are relocating to Tyler give Keller Williams a call and see what they can do for you. You can also check out all of Tyler’s real estate agents and companies by visting our Real Estate category.

If you do buy a house in Tyler we would like to recommend Huey Keeney as your home closing Tyler Texas lawyer. Huey has been doing this for years and will get you setup very fast and efficient. His office is great to make the closing arrangements for your home purchase and he goes over everything in fine detail.

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