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by admin on January 8, 2010

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The Roseland Plantation is one of the oldest historic places to visit in Tyler Texas but because it is outside the sity a little bit off of 64 many people that live in Tyler Texas have never heard of it before. Among some of the more unique aspects to the Roseland Plantation is the large steel building specifically erected to hold a life size painting of the last supper. The painting was commissioned by the rich lady who bought the plantation as a hobby to restore. The painting took many years to finish and is held in this air conditioned building where it remains in excellent condition. The Tyler Texas Plantation also has a few slave houses where the slaves that used to work on the plantation lived. You get to hear the details about the slave homes and more as a part of the tour of the Roseland. Roseland Plantation Tyler Texas

The Roseland Plantation also has a nicely restored log home on the property as a part of one of the houses available for occupancy at their bed and breakfast. We toured the log home and found it to be very authentic with some added modern touches that you would come to expect from a bed and breakfast of this quality. The plantation also has a church constructed on the property with some very unique stained glass windows and pictures. There are several pews and you immediately feel transplanted to small country church. This church building is not used for church services but is simply another unique facility on this location.

The Roseland Plantation has some additional houses on the property with several ornately decorated rooms that are used for the bed and breakfast. You will find things to admire about each room as you take the tour and will likely settle on a favorite that you may wish to stay in the next time you visit Tyler Texas or the Roseland Plantation. The bed and breakfast owners really enjoy the whole business they have here in East Texas and give a great tour. The owners are a pleasure to have serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner or your choice as you stay here.

While staying at the Roseland you may be surprised to know that there is a delicious homemade hamburger restaurant just up 64 called Maggies in Ben Wheeler Texas. They have very good hamburgers and milk shakes made with Blue Bell ice cream. The hamburger grill is right inside an authentic looking log home which will add to your overall historic stay at the Roseland and your visit to East Texas. After eating at Maggies you might want to keep heading up the road to I-20. Take a right on I-20 and on your left across the highway is Splash Kingdom Water Park. Splash Kingdom is a Christian outdoor water park that has all the rides and attractions of any water park you may find in Dallas. The park is family oriented and Christian owned. The park is about a 10 star upgrade from the toddler spray park at Faulkner Park in Tyler.

One last note I can’t leave out. The Roseland plantation owner left all of the land from the plantation on to the Neches River to the slaves that used to work on the plantation. This land has been past down from generation to generation in East Texas and some of the people living on this land have ancestors that at one time were slaves of the Roseland Plantation.

When considering relocating to Tyler Texas, visiting friends or family, or just coming to Tyler for vacation we encourage you to try staying at the Roseland Plantation at least once and experience a truly unique and different sleeping arrangement. The bed and breakfast owners at the Roseland will greet you and show you around and make you feel comfortable. They run a very professional operation and the plantation makes a few hundred thousand dollars each year just from the demand of their facility for weddings and wedding receptions. In fact, the Roseland was voted the number one place for weddings and wedding receptions. I would have to agree that the Roseland would be a remarkable place to have a wedding or wedding reception and now that I think about it they even have a dance hall facility as well that would be a great place for a first dance.

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Kelsey Thompson April 28, 2010 at 2:22 am

I live right down the road on 64 west!

Is it true that Roseland plantation is Haunted??


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