Santa Land, A Great Christmas Destination!

by admin on January 13, 2010

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santaSanta Land is located off Hwy 20 going towards Dallas. Santa Land opens up November 1 every year and stays open during the Holiday Season until January 4th. Cost $25 per car and $35 per 15 passenger van. I have been there several times so far and the waiting period has been around one hour or so depending on the time you arrive there. The sooner you get there, the less you have to wait. It is an excellent thing to do for your children and your family during Christmas.

You might think that going around and looking at the Christmas lights around Tyler might be cheaper and less of a waiting period. I guarantee you it won’t be as fun as going at least once through Santa Land. You can go run by a fast food place and eat it in the car while you wait in line. While you are waiting in line you can use that time to listen to music or talk to your children or you can just be silent. There are people that walk around your cars and try to sell you all kinds of stuff that lights up and it costs $5 dollars per item (These people are not with Santa Land or a part of the park. Santa Land only sells things within their gate).

Beyond just the light show display there is The 4000 sq ft gift shop filled with ornaments of all varieties.

There is a Snack shack where you can buy some really delicious hot chocolate, homemade treats, fudge, cookies, and much more.

They have tractor drawn trailer rides and a real live Santa Claus to meet and take pictures with that starts Thanksgiving and runs until Christmas.

I know you are probably thinking you can do without spending all this time on something that will only last for a little while. You are right, you can do without it but your children will love it. We even broke down and bought a sword that lights up and my 22 month old loved it. It was worth it just to see how excited she was to play with the toy and spending time with mommy and daddy while looking at the awesome lights. You only get to come here once a year so I think you can spare $25 dollars a year to go and have some fun with your friends and family and if you really don’t have $25 dollars to spend then borrow a 15 passenger van and get some of your friends together and split the cost. That will be even cheaper than $25 dollar.

Either way you do it I think it will be worth your time and money. I know you are waiting to hear what goes on around Santa Land for that much money? When you enter Santa Land they tell you the music radio station that you need to turn to while you are there. The whole place is filled with lights of all types and shapes and is synced with the radio channel that plays Christmas music. They have the Santa Wish shop and his little elves helping Santa. Also they have scenes depicting Jesus, all kinds of flowers and so many other lights. My words really don’t do justice to the place and no matter how hard I try to describe the place you will have to go see it for yourself as to what Santa Land has to offer.

After you are done watching all the lights they have, then you can stop and go look at all the things they have to sell. They have some really neat stuff actually and the price is probably around the same as other places. While I was there I saw an item that was $12 dollars and it was three crosses made out of metal. The item was real nice looking metal made to represent the crucifixion of Jesus. I thought that paying $12 for something like that was not too bad if you like or collect crosses. You will mainly find a galore of different Christmas related items for sale and most of the items are a splendid display of ornaments of all kinds.

The Santa Land Wish Shop has a little something for everyone’s liking but it’s mainly about the kids.  After all that shopping you will probably have worked up an appetite and be hungry. They have an area where you can order something to eat but I would drive up I20 to Bodacious barbecue for some real food. The owner, Cindy has done a wonderful job in making this a family experience sure to leave lasting memories for everyone. Well, I hope I convinced you to go visit Santa Land come this next holiday season.

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