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by admin on September 18, 2009

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Caldwell Zoo has been one of Tyler’s greatest treasures for many decades. It was one of the only zoos in Texas that was charge free up onto just a few years ago. As they started to add on to our small simple zoo, they began to overcharge visitors. Mr. Caldwell, the founder of the zoo, left in his will that he never wanted to have fee to enjoy these beautiful animals, but to allow the zoo to extend and to keep up the maintenance they did not have much more to choice from. But besides my frustration on the matter of price, I do love a walk through the zoo. If you live in the Tyler area I recommend getting a membership that will pay for the whole year no matter how many times you go.

As a member I have been able to go after hours when they have fed the animals and have allowed children to feed them too. They give members an opportunity to see the animals to up close and watch them do tricks. Don’t stand in long lines to get tickets to get into the zoo, use the member entrance and skip the wait and just get to the fun.

The zoo just recently go a bird walk. Walk into a small building filled with beautiful parakeets painted with the most colorful feathers. You will be able to hold the birds and buy a stick covered with bird seed.

Visit the old aquariums and see what is new including one of the most popular animals, the penguins. Be entertained as they swim and play. See the beautiful colorful fish, and the large slithering snakes. Explore the spiders from around the world.

The zoo has welcomed many new animals with in the past few years, among them, monkeys, the beautiful white tigers, the wild bird walk around, and much more.

Come eat at the small restaurant and be able to sit in the zoo’s touch of Africa. Have fun watching the elephants, zebras and giraffes. And walk through the rhinoceros house, but make sure you plug your nose. Enjoy a cold drink or snow cones on a hot Texas day. Before you leave stop by the store for fun gift ideas and even more great ways to remember your great day at our very own Caldwell Zoo.

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