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by admin on October 7, 2009

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One of the biggest eye appealing renovations you can make to a house is to replace the floors. Many people never replace the floors because it is a hard job especially when having to scrape up linoleum tile. Wood flooring materials go for very high prices and so the cost of buying the wood flooring material and paying a Tyler TX wood floor installer and contractor to install the material is outside most peoples budget. Having said all of this discouraging news it can still be done however even if you have a tight budget. If your roof is leaking be sure to get your Tyler homes roof replaced by a company like Advantage Roofing before installing brand new wood floors.

Many people go into a store like Lowes, Home Depot, or Homes Plus and get floors priced. We went into all of these stores and what we found were flooring prices way outside our budget for what we were wanting. Tyler Texas Floor InstallerFloors Plus came out to our house and measured our floors and said they would get back to us on a price but we never heard from them again. Actually about 75% of the contractors we had come out to our house for different job like roofing and other things we never heard from again. I try and be polite and direct as to what I want and I am unsure why so many building contractors have such a weird policy of never calling back.

Well I was a bit frustrated with the prices I had been quoted and the difficulty in getting contractors to follow through until I found a wood flooring store with reasonable prices. I went to Lancaster Texas which is very near Dallas and received some price estimates on some wide plank flooring which seems to be the new trend in wood flooring these days. They had several different wood styles to choose from and even had that etched look on some of them. I was surprised that many of their higher end stuff was priced around $4.50 or less a foot. This was quite a bit less than the $7.50 a foot I was finding at Lowes, Ace Hardware, Homes Plus, and other flooring stores I had visited.

The next step in the flooring process was to find a cheap installer that would do a quality job. I found Eliseo with Texas Floor Installer. He was able to install my floors for much cheaper than I was able to find anywhere else. He used to work for a large wood floor installation company but since then he has went off on his own and can price your floor installation much cheaper than a larger floor installation company. Many of these floor installer companies have a large overhead and a building on the side of the highway. They have to pay for all of that overhead with higher prices to their customers. Eliseo works from his house and has a family owned business where his adult members of his family assists in helping him install the floor.

By using Eliseo you are basically using the same contract labor the larger wood flooring companies in Tyler use but without the added expense. Many of the large flooring material companies in Tyler contract out the labor to people and companies like Eliseo. Why tag on several thousand more dollars to the cost of your Tyler Texas wood floor installation when you have a good recommendation from Tyler TX Directory about a wood flooring installer we have used ourselves with excellent results?

You can learn more about Texas Floor Installer by visiting their Tyler Texas flooring website page.

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