Halloween is Soon Around the Corner

by admin on August 24, 2010

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Halloween in Tyler Texas is funny simply because it has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I remember it was much more of the traditional American family holiday but it is now a bit of a nuisance for many neighborhoods and is enough fun for many to just go to your local church.

We usually pop in to our church o a church nearby and play some “Fall Festival” games and grab some candy and go. This is the tradition for many in Tyler Texas which is far different than when I used to walk my neighborhood gong “trick or treat”.

Now when you walk around a neighborhood hardly anybody has candy out or opens their door. It is a bit sad when I think about the happy memories walking around doing the traditional trick or treat thing in my neighborhood.

A few years ago we went with my brother n law on an idea to go try trick r treatin in Holly Tree. This was really funny because we ended up in a big traffic jam as everyone else had this same idea.

I also noticed there were large large mobs of people walking on the streets in Holly Tree and almost all the houses had their lights off and doors securely locked. No one was answering their doors to give out candy and a majority of the people on the street did not have any kids with them.

Holly Tree was covered in obnoxious teenegers either in an emo wolf pack or wearing the catholic school girl outfits and sexy tight shirt and short skirt sex costumes usually reserved for the bedroom.

So now when you go trick or treating in your neighborhood you might just see a bunch of teenagers wearing bedroom costumes walking around like everything is normal.

Last year I remember seeing these girls walking around in these costumes during broad daylight and I nearly sprayed milk out of my nostrils from the hilarity of it all.

So if you are going to do Trick or treating try a trailer park instead of Holly Tree and stop by a local church. You will have much better luck.

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