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by admin on September 30, 2014

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I’ve never lived close enough to a Chinese restaurant that delivers, at least not that I’m aware. The idea of having Chinese food delivered to the house was something I only saw in movies. I’ve obviously had pizza and other things delivered to my house but not Chinese. I’ve had Chinese takeout and I’ve had Chinese food delivered to my hotel room when staying in bigger cities.

Tyler has a bunch of restaurants and a fair share of them are Chinese but do any of them deliver?

We’ve got places like China King, China Buffet, China Star, China Express, Golden China, Peking, Cheng’s, Ming’s Café and several others.

When I lived near Houston, I frequented a Panda Express. It was a little out of the delivery range which was a shame because I would’ve definitely taken advantage of that.

There’s definitely no shortage of restaurants in Tyler and to ask for another one might be pretty ridiculous, but I think it might be kind of cool if one of the Chinese restaurants we do have added this service.

Right down the road from my old place is China Star, which is kind of fast food but I definitely took a liking to it. I know it won’t happen but it’d be cool if they delivered.

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