An Open Letter to the GOP on the Eve of the 2014 Election

by admin on October 29, 2014

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Well the 2014 elections are now just a few days away, and if what we’re told is true, it seems we can look for a fairly massive wave this year. All political oracles are calling for a Republican takeover of the Senate, and a widening of the GOP’s lead in the house. Of course it’s all speculation and the electorate could do something very different from what polls indicate but in the event that the trends are correct, I am offering some completely unsolicited advice for the soon to be majority party.

First off now that you’re the majority party, for god’s sake do something! At this point in our history it may be too little too late anyway, but try to mount some kind opposition! For instance, the president is going to extend amnesty to nine million illegal immigrants when the election is over. ‘Whispering,’ Here’s the secret: he can’t really do that; it’s against the law. Now that you have actual political power, you can stop the president from doing illegal things. But power means nothing if it goes either un- or mis- used. This means you Mr. Speaker. Don’t tell the opposition what we’re not going to do, even if you really aren’t! Oh sure they probably freak out and run to the nearest camera and call you a racist, sexist, bigot or homophobe… It’s only because that’s all they’ve got. At the end of the day all your committee memberships and your big important appointments are absolutely empty if you don’t move to the sound of the guns at some point.

Republicans, I’m not voting for you so can go and “work with the opposition.” I’m not voting for you so you can “reach across isle,” and share power with the minority party, or come to some kind of consensus or any other of your precious platitudes, cause here’s the thing: I’m pissed. I’m sick of pandering to a party and a president that doesn’t have me or my community’s best interest in mind. I’m sick of watching the needs of every other country and culture on earth (except those who are allied with us), put ahead of put ahead of my own. I’m sick of political correctness being a higher priority than the safety of my family. I’m sick of executive orders that YOU are too weak kneed to even try to block, despite the clear lack of constitutionality.

So here’s the upshot GOP. Go to Washington and do your job sirs! (and madams). We’re close enough to one party rule already. If you don’t distinguish yourselves this time, it may not matter the next time around.

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