The McRib Is Back for a “Limited Time.” Texas, We’re Better Than This!

by admin on November 2, 2014

in Tyler Businesses

Oh look the McRib is back! If anyone is in the mood for faux Barbeque ribs drenched in sauce McDonald’s is selling them again “for a limited time.” Now, I’m certainly not a food nazi, nor am I a McDonald’s hater but I am consistently amazed by the love people have for this particular sandwich. As a Texan who loves my states traditional fare (i.e. BBQ), I find any reference to this evil impersonation of my favorite cuisine to be absolute apostasy. When I looked up descriptions of the fast food product, (yes, sadly I did), the words “reformed pork” kept coming up. Uh… yeah ok, I’ll pass on even referring to those as “ribs.” Selling the McRib to Texans strikes me as being a bit like trying to sell Pabst Blue Ribbon in Germany or Ireland… It’s just embarrassing and you shouldn’t! Really its border line culturally insensitive to real barbeque states like ours. So come on Texas, let’s send a message! We’re better than this!

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