NFL Playoffs already…

by admin on December 30, 2014

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It’s extremely hard to believe the NFL playoffs are already here. It seems just like yesterday that we were gearing up for the preseason and talking about the fact that even though it was just preseason, it was still football, and it was like an appetizer before the meal. Now that we’ve gotten our full meal, we’ll get to enjoy another course.
It’s even harder to believe that the Cowboys are in the playoffs. If you were to have suggested at the beginning of the year that the Cowboys would go 12-4 and win the NFC East, you would’ve been laughed at, at the very least. People would call you a homer and question assume you’re drinking the same cool aid as Jerry Jones.
There really wasn’t much reason to think the Cowboys would have the success that have. Last year was the worst year defensively in franchise history and one of the worst in league history. On top of that, the defense lost some key players like Demarcus Ware who bolted for Denver and Sean Lee who was sidelined the entire year due to injury.
As a Cowboys fan, I’m thrilled we were all wrong. Now I’m just hoping they can make a deep run but let’s take one game at a time. We’ve got the Lions this week.

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