Run All Night

by admin on February 23, 2015

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before but there’s a movie coming out starring Liam Neeson in which his character goes on a rampage to protect his family.

No, it’s not taken….Anyway, after someone threatens to kill his child, Neeson…. Not, it’s not Taken 2 either, but can I get to back to what I was saying?

In this film, Neeson’s character feels bad for not being the father he should have been in the past and tries to make it up for lost time by being there for his kid whom he abandoned a long time ago….. No, it’s not Taken 3 either… Geez.

His son, Liam Neeson’s son, not his daughter, is in trouble in this one…

No, there’s no such thing as Taken 4, at least not yet, and let’s hope it remains that way. As I was saying though, Neeson plays a character by the name of Jimmy Conlon, a former mobster once known as the “Gravedigger” who ticked off the wrong people after Conlon’s son Mike is the target and on the run.  As far as Jimmy is concerned, it’s his responsibility to keep Mike alive. That’s the least he can do for not being there for his son in years past.

The movie is called, “Run All Night” and is set to be released into theaters on March 13.

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