Tainting Marriage

by admin on June 30, 2015

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First of all, what gives the supreme court the right to speak on behalf of all 50 states? Just a thought…

It’ll be interesting to see how Texas responds in the upcoming weeks and months. A lot of people will just use the issue to stir the pot and get attention. It’s like the old cliche, “You’re not happy unless you’re not happy’ and people will raise fuss about it just to get noticed.

I’m guessing before too long, these same people will go to the churches in Tyler and complain when the churches refuse to marry same-sex couples. It’s pretty stupid to do so because if a church doesn’t agree with your lifestyle, why would you insist on marrying them.

The issue with gay marriage is on the forefront more than ever before. In the past, if you stood up for what you believed in, you’d be applauded for it, even if it meant speaking against the issue. Now, you’re only applauded if you approve of what the Bible refers to as a sin, and it’s a double standard. If one person who agrees with homosexuality is applauded, why can’t my belief, which comes from the Bible at least be respected? Instead, people who announce that they are sexually attracted to people of their own sex are looked at as heroes, as if they actually saved someone’s life.

At any rate, it’s obvious that our politically correct, wishy washy culture has thrown values and integrity out the window and is willing to call an act between two men  or two women “Marriage.” In all actuality, our society has tainted marriage with divorce, premarital sex and homosexuality. To see it’s shameful would be an understatement.

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